Simply Thank You

As the Master Key Master Mind Alliance program nears the end, with Sunday being the last webinar, I wanted to find a way to sum up the experience and show my gratitude.

As I drove in the car the song That’s the Beat of a Heart by the Warren Brothers began playing and I knew that was my answer.  And so from the bottom of my heart……

Thank you Mark, Davene, and Trish for creating this incredible experience.

Thank you to the support staff who assist the process.

Thank you to the Digital Divas for their contribution.

Thank you to Carolynn Sokil for introducing me to the Master Key Experience.

Thank you to Tobie Steyn for his support and encouragement.

Thank you to my classmates for your blogs and contributions in the alliance area provided additional perspective.

Thank you to my husband for the freedom to complete this journey.

And finally thank you to myself for keeping my promise and seeing the program through to completion.

The song below sums it all up……


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Week 24 – The Law of Growth

Week 24 Supplemental Video

I just finished watching the Week 24 Supplemental video and I just had to share the synergy of the evening.

I signed up for an online webinar with Carol Tuttle last week and then got busy and forgot the webinar was this evening.  I missed the first twenty minutes but was able to listen to the rest of the lesson.  Once Carol’s video was over I watched the supplemental video from MKMMA and there it was again….BAM….BAM…..BAM!!!!!!!!!

First Observation

Carol had spoken about writing with your other hand.  She specifically made mention of the importance of automatic writing, an exercise where you hold your pen in your non-dominant hand and write, without editing, whatever comes to your mind.  Over to Mark and his lesson on tapping into the subconscious wisdom through automatic writing!  REALLY!!!!  I don’t know why I am surprised but I am.  I was familiar with this technique but to have both webinars, back to back, discuss the same topic, for the same reason, got my attention.

Second Observation

My uncle was born with spinal bifida long before science had made the advances they have today.  Like Ofosa’s mother, my grandmother was instructed to leave my uncle at the end of the hosptial hall and let him die.  Like Ofosa’s mother my grandmother refused and took my uncle home.

My uncle was one of my greatest teachers.  In spite of his physical challenges he sought independence long before there were the social supports in place there we have today.  He had a sense of humour, he was patient, and enjoyed being around others.  He enjoyed life and achieved more than what society accepted was possible.

I never once heard my grandmother complain.  She cared and supported my uncle his entire life.  While he lived independently from her they remained connected.  So much so that when my father told my uncle that his mother had passed, he followed her only a few short hours later.  There were two caskets that day, containing two of the most influential people of my childhood.  Two of my very own personal heroes.  My grandfather, my uncle’s father, is also included on my hero list.

Third Observation

My uncle did not let someone else tell him what was possible.  McLaren and Ofosa did not let others dictate to them what was possible.  Arthur Bormann lost control of his life when he let others dictate what his life would be, until he made the decision that he could be more.

What I Know For Sure

I am realizing that the emotional baggage I have carried around for years is luggage I am not only am ready to set down, but it is luggage that I have set down.  Mark has challenged me to let go of what I no longer need and I have risen to the challenge.

Much like someone who has been carrying a 50 lb rock around on my back, I have put the rock down and have learned to adjust to the many physical and emotional changes occurring in my body.  My entire body has had to adjust and learn how to move without the rock.

The comfort zone will always be close by but the answers to navigate the stormy waters are found within.  I need to move away from route learning, repeated behaviours, or trying to solve a problem from the same perspective as always. I realize now that I can access the magic of my subconscious mind and I only need to be quiet to hear it.

Switching my pen or pencil from my dominant hand to my non-dominant hand and freely, without editing, writing ideas is one of surest ways to access the innate wisdom that lies within.  I already have the answer; I just need to get out of my own way.


And so this evening the universe has orchestrated the chest players to ensure that I received the message.  Back to back, on the same evening, through webinars from two different people.

Being an observer allows me to notice things, to R2A2 connections that allow me to form my own conclusions.  The rock that I have put down was living up to other people’s expectations.  I have now adjusted to moving without the burden of trying to be someone I wasn’t and after making the physical and emotional adjustments I am experiencing a freedom of movement that has never existed before.

Who is Arthur Bormann

Earlier I mentioned Arthur Bormann and for the few of you that may have missed this video please take a few moments to observe the miraculous change that occurs when Arthur stops listening to those around him and assumes responsibility for the man he will become.  Inspirational does not even come close to describing this story!

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Week 24 – By George, I think she’s got it!


I apologize for the length of this blog but the words were flowing through me and I did not stop typing until they stopped coming. I hope you will take the time to read this blog in its entirety.

My formal training in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) program is coming to an end. It has been an incredible journey. Having spent the bulk of my career in education and I am familiar with the student dropout rate. The closer a student gets to the conclusion of their training, the higher the probability they will not finish their program. This has nothing to do with their capability to complete their training but is driven by fear. Fear of the experience ending. Fear of stepping away from the comfort zone. Fear of facing the unknown. Fear of growing up.

I am choosing not to be that student. MKMMA has encouraged me to think for myself, be self-directed, and has provided a toolbox of techniques to support me on my journey. I am excited to take what I have learned over the past six months and step into a new experience. As I cross the threshold from what I believed was true, to a world of unlimited potential I am reminded that I can decide what I believe to be true. I am not a product of what others have told me but rather a spiritual being with the opportunity to co-create a world of my choosing.

The fact that world within creates the world without has been presented to me over and over but I have struggled with how I could possibly be creating this life I was living. Don’t get me wrong there were some wonderful people in my life such as my husband, my children, my brother, and a small group of supportive friends. There have been some wonderful experiences in my life such as the day I married my husband, the day my son was born, and the day my daughter was born. But there were also many challenging situations that I really couldn’t image that I had somehow brought into my reality. And then clarity presented itself. Everything begins with a thought. EVERYTHING!

I have two minds. My conscious mind is responsible for what thoughts are accepted into my subconscious. My conscious mind is also responsible for logical, linear thinking. This mind is responsible for approximately 10 – 15% of my operating system. My subconscious mind on the other hand makes ALL OF MY DECISIONS. Without the ability to recognize what is real or imagined it functions on autopilot, sorting through stored memory files of emotions and past experiences to remember what to do. Decisions made by my subconscious mind are not new, but rather repeated from previous experiences.

The irony of the above is two-fold. The first irony is while my subconscious mind is unable to tell reality from fiction it is literally responsible for keeping me alive. This automatic system drives my car, pumps blood through my veins, and fills my lungs with oxygen. While I have been taught to believe that my conscious mind has the ability to think and reason, I was never taught about the infinite, creative powers stored in my subconscious mind. The subconscious has the ability to make anything happen, as long as I am clear with my intention.
photo 8What is the importance of all of this? It has taken me six months to fully grasp what I am about to share with you now. I have control over the life I live. This life I am living is an illusion of sorts, held together by atoms and energy. The definition of my experience here on earth is 100% dictated by my energy frequencies, by my thoughts, by my emotions, and by my ability to not express judgements or opinions unless asked.

Habits dictate my thoughts. Emotions energize these thoughts. This is the natural law of the universe. From the time I was a young child I was taught, by parents and a society not aware of another way, that my life would be the result of circumstance. That hard work and sacrifice would dictate my happiness, the amount of money in my bank account, etc. Here I am today, March 22, 2015 able to say that I now understand there is another way!

Everything begins with a thought. Judgements are thoughts. Thoughts and opinions are shutterstock_134704517fearcharged with emotion.  And I have spent my entire life unaware of how many negative programs were running around my head. To share a quote by my mastermind partner, babies are born with two fears; the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. 500 adults from varying backgrounds were studied and it was discovered they shared 7,000 fears. That is 6, 998 learned fears from those they were instinctively born with! Therefore I cannot possibly change my current reality by focusing on associative memories.  You see I have had it backwards all of my life. Backwards because while I was aware of some of my limiting beliefs, there is no way that I could possibly understand and recognize the hidden programs running within my system. As a result I focused my attention on what I thought I knew.

Change begins with awareness. But knowledge does not apply itself. Old habits must be replaced by new habits as I condition my subconscious mind to attract the reality I wish to experience. But there is one more, very important ingredient. If there is the slightest contradiction in my vision, if that contradiction is stronger than my new desire….BAM….the stronger emotion wins and I remain where I am now. I will continue to repeat the same experiences over and over. You see focused thoughts materialize into reality and those thoughts will materialize whether they are positive or negative.
So how do I align my thoughts? I must work in harmony with the natural laws of the mind.

The Law of Substitution: My mind can only hold one thought at a time and so I must replace every negative thought with a positive thought.
The Law of Relaxation: Mental effort is self-defeating. It is by calming and quieting the mind that I am able to hear my internal guidance.
The Law of Practice: Perfect practice prevents poor performance.
The Law of Forgiveness: I am unable to connect with the universal energies if my channel is blocked with anger and resentment.
The Law of Dual Thought: Attaching emotions to my thoughts charges them with an energy that can accelerate the process.
The Law of Growth: What I think about grows. What I forget atrophies.
The Law of Subconscious: Focused thought, repeated allows my subconscious mind to accept my ideas and once accepted it will work tirelessly to manifest my request.


hamster 12And so as the MKMMA experiences comes to a conclusion, at least the formal structure of the program, I graduate aware of the absolute importance of being the watchman at the gate of my mind. I understand the importance of being aware of what I am thinking. By being an observer I recognize what is happening in this moment, is just as it should be and to see it any other way resists the powers and intelligence of the universe. By living and thinking in harmony with universal laws I limited the number of positive thoughts that can be canceled out by negative thoughts. I increase my ability to create the life of my choosing. With hard mental work and the formation of new patterns I choose to get back on the hamster wheel, the one that dictates and governs my life automatically. But unlike the wheel of the past I am choosing what enters my subconscious mind. These automatic programs will duplicate a new learning experience. You see I have learned what it is like to live in the low energetic frequencies of fear and doubt and now I am choosing to live my life on a higher frequency. The repeated experiences I am choosing will be those of joy, happiness, health, and abundance.

I am choosing to grow up. I no longer want to view the world through a child’s eyes, seeking the approval of others to define my worth and dictate my acceptance. Rather I am electing to see the world as a grownup, a grownup who realizes that acceptance and worth begin from within. When I see value in myself others will see that too. When I embrace abundance, abundance will come to me. When I can appreciate self-confidence, kindness, honour, creativity, detachment, persistence, joyfulness, idealism, purposefulness, courage, decisiveness, and enthusiasm in myself, I will be surrounded by others who embrace the same virtues. And finally, when I love my self, fear will be destroyed.shutterstock_155594174handheart

The world within creates the world without
I am so very ready to begin the journey
There is so much more to learn
I am eager to learn it

Thank you MKMMA

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Week 23 – Definiteness of Purpose


Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” – W. Clement Stone

Throughout the MKMMA process I have become intimately familiar with the words and philosophies of Og Mandino, Emmet Fox, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Earl Nightengal, Napoleon Hill and Clement Stone.  The wisdom of those who have gone before has skillfully been presented and integrated into every cell in my body.

6conflictIntegrated into every cell of my body?  Yes it is true.  The above leaders, along with the MKMMA team, have assisted me in understanding that every thought I have creates my reality.  I only have to look at the life I am leading to realize this is true.  But in order to stop and change direction I must do this at a cellular level.  Erase memories and restrictive views, decide what I believe to be true, replace old habits with new, and become invested in the process.

To have this life changing experience I had to be prepared to do the work.  Take personal responsibility as I worked towards mastery of my thoughts, beliefs, emotions which in turn would lead me to take different actions and thus experience different results.

Last week we were strongly encouraged to sit in silence.  We were given several options of how to accomplish this task and while not a course requirement, I knew that I would not receive the full benefit of this program if I did not follow this advice.  I left my home Tuesday morning and drove 2.5 hours north of my town.  I began my silence Tuesday at 1:00 pm and completed the exercise on Thursday at 6:00 pm.  WOW!!!!!

I have never done anything like this before and so I entered the exercise with an open shutterstock_205494673journalmind, not sure what to expect.  I am an extrovert and receive my energy from being around and conversing with others.  The first day was rough.  I found I was watching the clock and wondering how I would make it through the scheduled silence.  I was planning my meals for the next day which made me laugh because usually I never know what we are having until I am ready to begin making it.  By day two I was very comfortable in the silence.  I wrote whatever came to me and by the third day I could barely keep up with the creative ideas that were floating through me.

I was grateful that I had spent the past two years in a reflective state.  I had gotten used to being by myself and so when I chose to participate in the silence it wasn’t the shock it might have been two years ago.  I had also spent many months clearing much of my life-long chatter and so I was open to listening to a new story.

My reality, like everyone’s, was formed when I was a child.  I made decisions based on the experiences I shared with my family, my classmates, my curriculum, my friends, etc.  But I now know that these thoughts do not define me.  They were in reality tribal, collective thoughts most often created from a foundation of fear and a survival mode of thinking.  Many of these thoughts passed down from generation to generation, unaware of the outside influences that had shaped their thinking.  I had clung to these tribal values because I believed they had kept me safe.  I believed that to be true.  That is until now.  To go into the stillness, the quiet, where all thoughts, other than my own, were excused I was able to hear my own voice.

untitledAs Asara Lovejoy (2007) shares, “Rather than saying life is a lesson, we are here for learning.  We are here to go from experience to learning.  This is different than saying you are learning a lesson.  A lesson means that you are required to learn something, and if you don’t, you pass or fail, you are good or bad, you are in the duality of struggle.” (152)  We have free choice and this free choice allows me to choose to have a different type of learning experience.  I entered this retreat with an awareness that I was so done with this old story.  I have had these experiences over and over.  Now I was open to having a new experience, learning new lessons from a place of abundance.

I am whole, perfect, powerful, strong, loving, healthy, prosperous, and happy.

The silence reconnected me with my inner self, the place where my innate wisdom has laid dormant.  What I realized is I have always known what it was I was here to do and the silence gave me the confidence to pursue a life of purposeful intend.  It allowed me to reconnect with my compass, that will now lead me forward on path, on task, on purpose…..with intent.

What did I learn in the silence?  Below is my top 10 list of things I became aware of.

  • I became aware that I was comfortable being alone
  • I became aware I need to be a keen observer, be open to the possible, and be willing to change my perspective of how I believe the world to be
  • I became aware of the value of forgiveness
  • I became aware of how disconnected I had been from myself with all of the daily distractions in my life
  • I became aware of the importance of the daily meditation for without a commitment to listen to my inner voice it is quickly lost in the whirl wind of daily activity
  • I became aware of the importance of challenges for the opportunities of growth they provide
  • I received confirmation that my PPN’s and DMP are on target
  • I became aware that the same voice that said I could not is the same voice that now tells me I CAN, I CAN, I CAN
  • I became aware that the only person’s approval I need is my own (as a people pleaser this was HUGE) and
  • I became aware I was returning with a new found confidence and an excitement that life is shifting and I can’t wait to enjoy it!
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Week 22 – Harnessing the Power of Negativity

Making change is challenging.  When we try to move forward and make changes in our life we usually reach that point where we have to push through the uncomfortableness.  At this point in the process we tend to fall back into our comfort zone of familiar feelings.  These are the experiences that we know and while they may not be pleasant they are familiar and this is why we abandon change over and over.

shutterstock_160228955failureWhat is the comfort zone?

The comfort zone consistent of 5 components

  • Fear
  • Hurt Feelings
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Unworthiness


We can, however, use these elements to implement change.  First, we must be aware of the emotions we are feeling.  Then we must use those emotions to give change momentum.

How can these perceived negative feelings assist us?

  1. Fear Gives Us Focused Energy:  Did you know that sadness is actually anger turned inwards? When we are afraid our attention is focused and all distractions have been eliminated. Intense concentration automatically focuses our attention on what is important and converts thoughts into action. When we feel fear we can choose to recognize it for the energy force that it is and redirect this fear energy towards something we are passionate about. We can use this energy to create positive changes in our life.
  2. Hurt feelings can show us where our passion is and how much we care: When we are passionate about something we turn to our family and friends for support. When they do not see the situation the same as we do, our feelings get hurt and many times we can turn away from our dreams because others have made us feel as though they were either unimportant or unachievable. We have our feelings hurt because we care. We care about the idea or proposal we have presented. We can use the energy from these hurt feelings and to reconnect with our passion, allowing us to move forward with intention.
  3. Anger creates massive energy for us to use. By allowing ourselves to be the observer in our life, we have the opportunity to be aware of the anger and feel the energy that surges up within. Our heart races, our checks flush, and our breathing patterns change. As Davene pointed out this is a power tool that does not need a battery to be productive! We can replace these negative thoughts with positive thoughts (Law of Substitution) and remember that what our attention is focused on manifests. (Law of Growth)
  4. Guilt is anger directed at self which provides energy for change: Feeling badly about something that has happened validates that at the core we are good people. These feelings also validate that our spiritual compass is working. Mistakes are not about good or bad they are opportunities for growth. If what is making you feeling guilty can be fixed then fix it. If not the past lives in the past, forgive yourself and learn the lesson that presented itself during the experience. Change your beliefs rather than berating yourself. Treat yourself with the same kindness you would show to someone else.
  5. Unworthiness allows us to focus and stay on track: It is very important to be the observer when these emotions surface. Feelings of unworthiness usually surface when we have too much on our plate; when we are overextended. Multi-tasking is not productive, contrary to popular belief, and feeling unworthy reminds us to pull in the reins. We do not have to give anything up but we do need to prioritize. We need to make a list and work through the list rather than keeping all the balls in the air. Ironically unworthiness can bring us the most satisfaction because it reminds us that we cannot be everything to everyone. Remember who you are and what you have to offer and then share those gifts with others.

I taught nursery school for years and while Mark and Davene were discussing the above, the below thought popped into my head.

Preschool children are busy and they are little sponges, soaking in everything aroundimages them.  Similar to adults they too can feel overwhelmed.  If you place a toy box in front of a young child you will usually find that they dig, and dig, and dig through the items in the box, spilling them onto the floor.  They may find what they are looking for but usually they empty the toy box and move on.  That is because their choices are not clear and it is too much work to make a decision.

If you take that same child and place them in a room with toy shelves, where their choices images3IAR73YIare lay out in an organized fashion they will quickly find what they want and begin playing.  They may even return to the toy shelf again and again to add other toys to their imaginative play.  Their choices are clear and because the feeling of being overwhelmed has been eliminated they are very focused and clear on their intent.

The next time we are feeling one of the above emotions we can remember the nursery school child.  Step away from the toy box and focus our energy towards our passion.  Use our DMP as our toy shelf and when we are hear the call of the comfort zone we can direction our attention back to being the observer.  See the comfort zone for what it is and redirect those negative feelings to give change momentum.


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Week 21 – The Present

According The Kolb Learning Style Inventory I am a Diverging Learner. This means I learn best by viewing concrete situations from many different points of view. I am reflective in my learning style, observing rather than taking action. I like to gather information and can admittedly get bogged down in the process. MKMMAThis is why MKMMA has been such a gift for me as it has taken me out of my head and has provided me with action oriented exercises to apply what I know.

As someone with a Diverging Learning Style I also am sensitive to feelings, which is why Davene’s flour story resonated with me.  I could also relate to her need to process the information Mark was sharing with her from a perceptive different then his own.  Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman in the World (1968), gave me yet another perspective from which to process the request of being present.

The Past

Mandino states “I waste not a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortunes, yesterday’s defeats, yesterday’s aches of the heart, for why should I throw good after bad? Canshutterstock_195699332blame

• sand flow upward in the hour glass
• I call back yesterday’s wounds and make them whole
• I become younger than yesterday
• I take back the evil that was spoken, the blows that were struck, the pain that was caused

No yesterday is buried forever and I think of it no more. I will live this day as if it is my last.”

The Future

Forgetting yesterday neither I think of tomorrow. Why should I throw now after maybe? Canhourglass

• tomorrow’s sand flow through the glass before today’s
• the sun rise twice this morning
• I perform tomorrow’s deeds while standing in today’s path
• tomorrow’s child be born today

Should I torment myself with problems that may never come to pass? No! Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday and I will think of it no more.”

The Present by Spencer Johnson (2003) is another book I enjoyed reading. You may also enjoy this book if you are a Blue personality type because we love to learn through stories.

In closing I would like to share a few excerpts from Johnson’s book…..

It is simply called ‘The Present’ because, of all the gifts you might receive, you will find this present is the most valuable one of all….The Present is not about magic or wishing….When you receive The Present, you no longer spend your time dreaming about being somewhere else….The Present can lead you to many kinds of riches. But its value is The Present book imagenot measure in gold or money alone….No one can find The Present for someone else….The Present is a gift you give to yourself….The Present is NOW.”

As I move into these last few weeks of the course I know I must use my present to create my future.  Not from a place of fear but rather from a place of focused intention.  With my mind clear of the clutter that has blocked my path for so many years I am able to create a WPOA to manifest my DMP.  I am careful to remember that I am not chasing future happiness but rather I am content to be grateful for this moment, this day, The Present.  It is this contentment that will accelerate my progress and allow me to fulfill the purpose I am here to accomplish.

I live this day as if it were my last. 

And if it is not, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks.”


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