Week 24 – By George, I think she’s got it!


I apologize for the length of this blog but the words were flowing through me and I did not stop typing until they stopped coming. I hope you will take the time to read this blog in its entirety.

My formal training in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) program is coming to an end. It has been an incredible journey. Having spent the bulk of my career in education and I am familiar with the student dropout rate. The closer a student gets to the conclusion of their training, the higher the probability they will not finish their program. This has nothing to do with their capability to complete their training but is driven by fear. Fear of the experience ending. Fear of stepping away from the comfort zone. Fear of facing the unknown. Fear of growing up.

I am choosing not to be that student. MKMMA has encouraged me to think for myself, be self-directed, and has provided a toolbox of techniques to support me on my journey. I am excited to take what I have learned over the past six months and step into a new experience. As I cross the threshold from what I believed was true, to a world of unlimited potential I am reminded that I can decide what I believe to be true. I am not a product of what others have told me but rather a spiritual being with the opportunity to co-create a world of my choosing.

The fact that world within creates the world without has been presented to me over and over but I have struggled with how I could possibly be creating this life I was living. Don’t get me wrong there were some wonderful people in my life such as my husband, my children, my brother, and a small group of supportive friends. There have been some wonderful experiences in my life such as the day I married my husband, the day my son was born, and the day my daughter was born. But there were also many challenging situations that I really couldn’t image that I had somehow brought into my reality. And then clarity presented itself. Everything begins with a thought. EVERYTHING!

I have two minds. My conscious mind is responsible for what thoughts are accepted into my subconscious. My conscious mind is also responsible for logical, linear thinking. This mind is responsible for approximately 10 – 15% of my operating system. My subconscious mind on the other hand makes ALL OF MY DECISIONS. Without the ability to recognize what is real or imagined it functions on autopilot, sorting through stored memory files of emotions and past experiences to remember what to do. Decisions made by my subconscious mind are not new, but rather repeated from previous experiences.

The irony of the above is two-fold. The first irony is while my subconscious mind is unable to tell reality from fiction it is literally responsible for keeping me alive. This automatic system drives my car, pumps blood through my veins, and fills my lungs with oxygen. While I have been taught to believe that my conscious mind has the ability to think and reason, I was never taught about the infinite, creative powers stored in my subconscious mind. The subconscious has the ability to make anything happen, as long as I am clear with my intention.
photo 8What is the importance of all of this? It has taken me six months to fully grasp what I am about to share with you now. I have control over the life I live. This life I am living is an illusion of sorts, held together by atoms and energy. The definition of my experience here on earth is 100% dictated by my energy frequencies, by my thoughts, by my emotions, and by my ability to not express judgements or opinions unless asked.

Habits dictate my thoughts. Emotions energize these thoughts. This is the natural law of the universe. From the time I was a young child I was taught, by parents and a society not aware of another way, that my life would be the result of circumstance. That hard work and sacrifice would dictate my happiness, the amount of money in my bank account, etc. Here I am today, March 22, 2015 able to say that I now understand there is another way!

Everything begins with a thought. Judgements are thoughts. Thoughts and opinions are shutterstock_134704517fearcharged with emotion.  And I have spent my entire life unaware of how many negative programs were running around my head. To share a quote by my mastermind partner, babies are born with two fears; the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. 500 adults from varying backgrounds were studied and it was discovered they shared 7,000 fears. That is 6, 998 learned fears from those they were instinctively born with! Therefore I cannot possibly change my current reality by focusing on associative memories.  You see I have had it backwards all of my life. Backwards because while I was aware of some of my limiting beliefs, there is no way that I could possibly understand and recognize the hidden programs running within my system. As a result I focused my attention on what I thought I knew.

Change begins with awareness. But knowledge does not apply itself. Old habits must be replaced by new habits as I condition my subconscious mind to attract the reality I wish to experience. But there is one more, very important ingredient. If there is the slightest contradiction in my vision, if that contradiction is stronger than my new desire….BAM….the stronger emotion wins and I remain where I am now. I will continue to repeat the same experiences over and over. You see focused thoughts materialize into reality and those thoughts will materialize whether they are positive or negative.
So how do I align my thoughts? I must work in harmony with the natural laws of the mind.

The Law of Substitution: My mind can only hold one thought at a time and so I must replace every negative thought with a positive thought.
The Law of Relaxation: Mental effort is self-defeating. It is by calming and quieting the mind that I am able to hear my internal guidance.
The Law of Practice: Perfect practice prevents poor performance.
The Law of Forgiveness: I am unable to connect with the universal energies if my channel is blocked with anger and resentment.
The Law of Dual Thought: Attaching emotions to my thoughts charges them with an energy that can accelerate the process.
The Law of Growth: What I think about grows. What I forget atrophies.
The Law of Subconscious: Focused thought, repeated allows my subconscious mind to accept my ideas and once accepted it will work tirelessly to manifest my request.


hamster 12And so as the MKMMA experiences comes to a conclusion, at least the formal structure of the program, I graduate aware of the absolute importance of being the watchman at the gate of my mind. I understand the importance of being aware of what I am thinking. By being an observer I recognize what is happening in this moment, is just as it should be and to see it any other way resists the powers and intelligence of the universe. By living and thinking in harmony with universal laws I limited the number of positive thoughts that can be canceled out by negative thoughts. I increase my ability to create the life of my choosing. With hard mental work and the formation of new patterns I choose to get back on the hamster wheel, the one that dictates and governs my life automatically. But unlike the wheel of the past I am choosing what enters my subconscious mind. These automatic programs will duplicate a new learning experience. You see I have learned what it is like to live in the low energetic frequencies of fear and doubt and now I am choosing to live my life on a higher frequency. The repeated experiences I am choosing will be those of joy, happiness, health, and abundance.

I am choosing to grow up. I no longer want to view the world through a child’s eyes, seeking the approval of others to define my worth and dictate my acceptance. Rather I am electing to see the world as a grownup, a grownup who realizes that acceptance and worth begin from within. When I see value in myself others will see that too. When I embrace abundance, abundance will come to me. When I can appreciate self-confidence, kindness, honour, creativity, detachment, persistence, joyfulness, idealism, purposefulness, courage, decisiveness, and enthusiasm in myself, I will be surrounded by others who embrace the same virtues. And finally, when I love my self, fear will be destroyed.shutterstock_155594174handheart

The world within creates the world without
I am so very ready to begin the journey
There is so much more to learn
I am eager to learn it

Thank you MKMMA


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Living a life of purposeful intent is possible when you understand why you do what you do.
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9 Responses to Week 24 – By George, I think she’s got it!

  1. Tammy, by George I think your spot on! Awesome blog, awesome insight, and might I add awesomely written! You, my dear, are one awesome lady! Bravo!


    • tdadams says:

      Thank you so much for your support Pattie. It means so much to me. The first time I saved it the spacing was off, I hope I had corrected by the time you found the blog.


  2. Ugh! You’re not your! 🙂


  3. Watching this class release what was within you all along, have the understanding of your world within unfold for you, has been my absolute pleasure and a true blessing. You got it baby!! While I loved everything you wrote – 2 things resonated more than others: 1) “The definition of my experience here on earth is 100% dictated by my energy frequencies, by my thoughts, by my emotions, and by my ability to not express judgement or opinions unless asked.” THIS is where I am aspiring to live with DoWoo. 2) “when I love my self, fear will be destroyed.” While this came at the end – this is also the beginning – the beginning of so much more!! May our paths remain intermingled as we both travel onward to inspire others with our actions!


  4. mkmmahooper says:

    Great streaming of consciousness . Powerful impressive. Thank you.


  5. Oh my! … Umm… wow. 🙂


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