Week 24 – The Law of Growth

Week 24 Supplemental Video

I just finished watching the Week 24 Supplemental video and I just had to share the synergy of the evening.

I signed up for an online webinar with Carol Tuttle last week and then got busy and forgot the webinar was this evening.  I missed the first twenty minutes but was able to listen to the rest of the lesson.  Once Carol’s video was over I watched the supplemental video from MKMMA and there it was again….BAM….BAM…..BAM!!!!!!!!!

First Observation

Carol had spoken about writing with your other hand.  She specifically made mention of the importance of automatic writing, an exercise where you hold your pen in your non-dominant hand and write, without editing, whatever comes to your mind.  Over to Mark and his lesson on tapping into the subconscious wisdom through automatic writing!  REALLY!!!!  I don’t know why I am surprised but I am.  I was familiar with this technique but to have both webinars, back to back, discuss the same topic, for the same reason, got my attention.

Second Observation

My uncle was born with spinal bifida long before science had made the advances they have today.  Like Ofosa’s mother, my grandmother was instructed to leave my uncle at the end of the hosptial hall and let him die.  Like Ofosa’s mother my grandmother refused and took my uncle home.

My uncle was one of my greatest teachers.  In spite of his physical challenges he sought independence long before there were the social supports in place there we have today.  He had a sense of humour, he was patient, and enjoyed being around others.  He enjoyed life and achieved more than what society accepted was possible.

I never once heard my grandmother complain.  She cared and supported my uncle his entire life.  While he lived independently from her they remained connected.  So much so that when my father told my uncle that his mother had passed, he followed her only a few short hours later.  There were two caskets that day, containing two of the most influential people of my childhood.  Two of my very own personal heroes.  My grandfather, my uncle’s father, is also included on my hero list.

Third Observation

My uncle did not let someone else tell him what was possible.  McLaren and Ofosa did not let others dictate to them what was possible.  Arthur Bormann lost control of his life when he let others dictate what his life would be, until he made the decision that he could be more.

What I Know For Sure

I am realizing that the emotional baggage I have carried around for years is luggage I am not only am ready to set down, but it is luggage that I have set down.  Mark has challenged me to let go of what I no longer need and I have risen to the challenge.

Much like someone who has been carrying a 50 lb rock around on my back, I have put the rock down and have learned to adjust to the many physical and emotional changes occurring in my body.  My entire body has had to adjust and learn how to move without the rock.

The comfort zone will always be close by but the answers to navigate the stormy waters are found within.  I need to move away from route learning, repeated behaviours, or trying to solve a problem from the same perspective as always. I realize now that I can access the magic of my subconscious mind and I only need to be quiet to hear it.

Switching my pen or pencil from my dominant hand to my non-dominant hand and freely, without editing, writing ideas is one of surest ways to access the innate wisdom that lies within.  I already have the answer; I just need to get out of my own way.


And so this evening the universe has orchestrated the chest players to ensure that I received the message.  Back to back, on the same evening, through webinars from two different people.

Being an observer allows me to notice things, to R2A2 connections that allow me to form my own conclusions.  The rock that I have put down was living up to other people’s expectations.  I have now adjusted to moving without the burden of trying to be someone I wasn’t and after making the physical and emotional adjustments I am experiencing a freedom of movement that has never existed before.

Who is Arthur Bormann

Earlier I mentioned Arthur Bormann and for the few of you that may have missed this video please take a few moments to observe the miraculous change that occurs when Arthur stops listening to those around him and assumes responsibility for the man he will become.  Inspirational does not even come close to describing this story!


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9 Responses to Week 24 – The Law of Growth

  1. Wow, when I read your paragraph you wrote about carrying around the emotional baggage it was like a snapshot of my life and what I’m experiencing right now also! This is an awesome gift they have shared with us!


  2. Tammy this is brilliant! I want to quote your own words to describe your insight and wisdom. “I already have the answer; I just need to get out of my own way.” Well done your are really on your way and your are showing the us the way.


  3. Shelby Nolan says:

    Tremendous post Tammy! I had actually seen that video a couple of weeks ago and just like then, it hits my emotions again. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on setting down your rock, heavy baggage can cause bad posture 😉


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  5. mkmmahooper says:

    Thank you…I had seen that video before…powerful. Both the video and your blog…thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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