Simply Thank You

As the Master Key Master Mind Alliance program nears the end, with Sunday being the last webinar, I wanted to find a way to sum up the experience and show my gratitude.

As I drove in the car the song That’s the Beat of a Heart by the Warren Brothers began playing and I knew that was my answer.  And so from the bottom of my heart……

Thank you Mark, Davene, and Trish for creating this incredible experience.

Thank you to the support staff who assist the process.

Thank you to the Digital Divas for their contribution.

Thank you to Carolynn Sokil for introducing me to the Master Key Experience.

Thank you to Tobie Steyn for his support and encouragement.

Thank you to my classmates for your blogs and contributions in the alliance area provided additional perspective.

Thank you to my husband for the freedom to complete this journey.

And finally thank you to myself for keeping my promise and seeing the program through to completion.

The song below sums it all up……



About tdadams

Living a life of purposeful intent is possible when you understand why you do what you do.
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3 Responses to Simply Thank You

  1. Our angels, or Gods hand, were taking care of us both that day we met. Someone spoke to me to speak to you about the Master Key Experience. I am grateful to have been part of your journey and look forward to great success for you in all that you choose to do. Ustedes son bienvenidos , Tammy !


  2. Scott Scales says:

    What an amazing journey we have had together. Thanks for sharing your journey with me.


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