Press Release

Press Release

Tammy Adams interviewed on The Strombo Show


Carrie Johnson – The Toronto Star Posted:  Monday, September 6, 2016 1:45 pm

While interviewed on occasion, coach and animal communicator, Tammy Adams has been careful to grant interviews to only a select few. Today her choice is one of Canada’s most trusted and respected broadcaster, a television and radio veteran, George Stroumboulopoulos. Adams was drawn to Stroumboulopoulos, not only because of his reputation for being authentic and relatable, but also because of his passionate support for social and environmental issues. To partner with an interviewer who shares her passion was important.

For those who are not familiar with The Strombo Show program, Stroumboulopoulos’ uses insightful questions coupled with a platform for every guest to share their experience, their story. Stroumboulopoulos’ focus is on individuals who are trying to make a difference in the world.

red george

This interview was not driven by ego or shameless self-promotion as many would assume but rather by the need to awaken others. Adams believes by sharing her story, others may look within themselves and discover their passion, their purpose for being here, on the planet. Her message is much bigger than her personal story and for that reason she has agreed to meet with Stroumboulopoulos. This article is a summation of the message Adams shared on the show.

He stood to meet Adams. “Thanks for coming. How are things?” welcomed Stroumboulopoulos rising from his red interview chair.

The television set was smaller than I had pictured it but there was warmth, a welcoming energy that made the audience feel as though they were watching a relaxed conversation taking place in Stroumboulopoulos’ living room.

Tammy 3

Things are very good. Thank you for having me.” Adams said with a smile.

People are interested in tonight show because not many people are familiar with you and the work that you do? Perhaps we should start at the beginning and give them a sense of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish?”

My Story is often referred to as “The Hero’s Journey” Adams replied.

Stroumboulopoulos was curious to know more about the Hero’s Journey. His curiosity was peaked because in most cases a hero’s name is recognizable to all who hear it.

You are correct in the traditional sense of the word, but a personal Hero’s Journey is different. It is the “every day person’s passage. It was coined by an American scholar by the name of Joseph Campbell who used the Hero’s Journey to describe a personal transformation that when results are achieved they can offer great benefit to the group or tribe. In modern day terms this is the story of personal growth of any individual whom, as a result of a crisis, commits to a journey of self-discovery and chooses to follow a new road. It is through this exploration the individual discovers their unique gifts or talents. These are the gifts that they were always meant to share, but somewhere along the line they have been lost, forgotten, or hidden. By resurrecting these talents and sharing them with the world they are able to have a positive impact on humanity, the planet, or whatever sector their abilities are best suited.”

 heros 4

Does the individual have to have experienced a crisis?” Stroumboulopoulos inquired.

Without hesitation Adams responded.

In today’s busy and hectic world we have stopped listening to our own voice. We have stopped following our internal beacon and for many it takes an illness, the sudden loss of a job, a divorce, or the death of someone close to initiate a personal search for purpose.”

“In the end I believe we are all looking for a way for our lives have meaning and a crisis forces us to look at our mortality and evaluate our lives and achievements to date. This crisis becomes the catalyst for change.”

george again

I’m curious, does everyone have a Hero’s Journey. Does everyone experience this change?” questioned Stroumboulopoulos.

Adams’ passion for the topic was beginning to build. She moved forward in her chair, leaned into Stroumboulopoulos emphasizing every point.

No. The process of self-discovery is a difficult challenge and it takes courage and honesty to see the process through to the end.  It forces an individual to go deep inside and face the truth of who they really are.  Many turn away from the challenge several times before they accept it.  Others continue to turn away and never really discover their true selves.  But for those who embrace the adventure, face their fears, their truths and untruths almost a rebirth occurs”

 “This rebirth seldom happens alone because along the way mentors and teachers appear.  There is truth to the saying, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.  Life begins a new and it is much different than the life they have lived.  There is a balance, a peace, a spiritual connection that before was absent.”

And how does the story end?” questioned Stroumboulopoulos.

The Hero, excited by their discovery, is anxious to share their knowledge with others, the world, or wherever it can have the most impact. Most that have traveled this path are committed to working for the greatest and highest good of all.  They want to have a positive impact on the environment around them.”

And this is your story?” Stroumboulopoulos asked.

Yes. I was forced to leave a job that I loved due to health reasons.  I had turned away from the challenge several times before, but my path always brought me back to the Tammy 6same place.  I was tired of the struggle, tired of the same draining experiences and so I chose to learn about who I really was and what I had to offer.”  Adams replied.

Were you surprised by the answer?

Very surprised! What I discovered was that I was to inspire and guide animals and people to live life to the fullest.” Adams replied.  Smiling coyly.

Animals?” repeated Stroumboulopoulos.

Yes. Animals.” Adams replied.  “I discovered that I needed to become involved in the healing sector.  I needed to combine my intuitive abilities, my communication skills, and my concern for the environment.  After much soul searching the answer that presented itself was that of animal communication.”

“My intention is to assist animals and their people to better understand one another. Perhaps an animal has a behaviour problem, an illness, or perhaps they have a message from the spirit world.”

It was at this moment that I totally understood why Adams had chosen Stroumboulopoulos to assist in the delivery of her message. I looked around the audience, expecting to see eye rolls, smirks, or disbelief, but Stroumboulopoulos’ respectful response and genuine interest in what his guest had to share facilitated a positive response from those watching the interview.  I have to admit I was anxious to hear more.  George skillfully drew out the rest of Adams’ story.

audience 7

Stroumboulopoulos continued with his questions. He wanted to know how a human communicates with an animal, inter-species communication as Adams referred to it. Stroumboulopoulos also wanted to know if he could communicate in this manner.

Adams provided a very clear description. “Animal communication is the ability to connect with another being on an energetic or spiritual level. This telepathic communication is a subtle, natural, innate skill that we have forgotten how to access.  As with all communication there is a sender and a receiver and both are communicating with intention.  Given the opportunity, animals are able to display a surprising amount of information about their environment, concerns, physical sensation, feelings, and emotions.”

Telepathic communication works the same as your radio in the kitchen. There is a radio station miles from your home that plays music.  The radio in your kitchen, when tuned to a specific radio station’s frequency will receive the music and you are able to hear it in your home.  Telepathic communication works the same way.  The animal is communicating on one frequency and it is up to the animal communicator to tune into that same frequency in order to hear, feel, or see what they are trying to communicate.”

Messages can be received in a variety of ways. For some the messages play like photo albums or movies.  For others they present themselves in an auditory fashion, an inner hearing of words, sounds, or short sentences.  Some individuals have feelings where they can experience a physical reaction or an emotion.  Messages can present themselves as a smell. And finally there are other individuals who have a “knowing”.  They just know what they are sensing or thinking is right.”

Adams was confident that Stroumboulopoulos would be able to remember how to communicate in this fashion. “We all have this skill. It is just a matter of remembering how to apply it.”  Adams said.  “This brings us back to the theme of personal responsibly.  I know from personal experience that much of the baggage carried through a lifetime must be set aside in order to be still and quiet enough to hear the messages.  Identifying my fears and blocks would be essential in reaching this state of consciousness.”

You also have a coaching business. I’m curious to see the connection.” Asked Stroumboulopoulos.

Tammy 8

Both animal communication and coaching involve intuition. Both rely on keen observation skills and effective communication skills and both must be approached with respect and professionalism. Interestingly enough many times animals mirror what is happening in the household, which truly involves an integration of both approaches.”

I want to back up just a little. You said that there are teachers that appear along the way. Did you experience this?”

Adams appeared excited about the inquiry. “Absolutely and they weren’t always in the form I would have expected. I began this journey because of a horse!”

A horse? This journey of self-discovery began with a horse. Now you really have my george 9curiosity peaked?”  Stroumboulopoulos continued to balance curiosity and respect in his questions.  Adams appeared comfortable in her role

Yes a horse. Just as people can have a variety of jobs, so it is in the animal world. As a matter of fact animals take their jobs very seriously.”

There was a herd of medicine horses outside of my home town. Their job is to balance a person’s energy and if possible help them to find their way. After working extremely hard to open my chakras and get my energy flowing freely within my own body the message I received, from the horses, was that I was a healer. I was not exactly sure what they meant which started me on my path. On my second visit, I was still trying to figure it all out. During this visit the horse that had worked so hard to clear my energy blocks would have nothing to do with me. When I asked his person why, her reply was, “He said if you are not going to use your talents, he is not going to waste his time.” And so I got a really hard kick in the backside from a horse…and a kick from a horse, imaginary or not, is difficult to ignore.”

Laughter broke out across the audience members.audience 10

Many other teachers presented themselves; an energy healer, intuitives, animal totems, doctors of natural medicine, chiropractors and the list goes on and on. And there were books. Lots of book! I began to notice titles or authors and I read and read and read. I also began exercising and eating healthier.”

George StroumboulopoulosSo there was a major shift in not only your belief system. You changed your lifestyle?”

Yes, this journey transforms all areas of your life. In regards to teachers, I think the most profound teacher that presented came in the form of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance program. I had been studying the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, how our beliefs affect our lives, etc. for the past fourteen years. All of the resources left me feeling like a piece of the puzzle was missing. I never really found a total way to integrate all of the knowledge into one practical application, combining the why and the how!

This information dates back to 1912 and the program is based on The Master Key book. The program is facilitated by Mark, Davene, Trish and personal guides with the intention of helping others to come into their own power, realize their hopes and dreams, and live life on a deeper, fuller, level.”

As the conversation moved towards closure Stroumboulopoulos asked Adams, “What is it you want people to take away from our conversation?”

Where I am in my life is the time that Campbell describes as the time the hero returns home with a “treasure that has the power to transform the world as the hero has been transformed.” (Referenced from  I want others to know that the power they are seeking is not found from an outside source. The peace is also within. I spent a lifetime looking for the approval of others. I paid the price with my health and now I realize just how unnecessary that was. The approval I was seeking was inside of me all the time.”

Adams shared that the world within creates the world without! The power to life the life of YOUR choosing lies in the ability to control your thoughts.  The subconscious mind is where all of the creative power lies, but it cannot reason.  It does not know truth from untruth.shutterstock_177204251ideamale

Stroumboulopoulos asked for clarity.

Between the ages of one through eight we are sponges. There is no filter. As children we absorb and belief everything we are told or what we overhear. These thoughts are accepted as true, in or out of context, and become the foundation upon which we build our lives; our future. Until we clear away the old way of thinking, the old patterns, the antiquated thought patterns or “old blueprint” and carefully select what we allow our subconscious mind to absorb, our experiences will continue to replay the same few thoughts.”

It is important to understand that these thoughts are “the result of hereditary tendencies the result of home, business and social environment, where countless thousands of impressions, ideas, prejudices and similar thoughts have been received. Much of this has been received from others, the result of opinions, suggestions or statements; much of it is the result of our own thinking but nearly all of it has been accepted with little or no examination or consideration.”  (MKMMA 5-6)

Adams offered addition information. “What I am trying to say is that many go through their entire lives without the slightest understanding of why everyday appears to be Groundhog Day, with the same experiences constantly repeating themselves. Another analogy would be a hamster wheel, taking action but appearing to get nowhere. They are unaware of THEIR CHOICE to have a different life!

hamster 12Stroumboulopoulos asked, “What you are saying is that we have a choice? Our experiences can change?”

Yes” said Adams.  Her conviction level was rising and her enthusiasm was contagious!  “Living a life of purposeful intent is possible when you understand why you do what you do. Identifying core values, temperaments, likes, dislikes, motivators, and skills allows an individual to pursue interests that align with their innate talents and desires.  By editing your thoughts, laser focusing your intention and consciously replacing the “old blueprint” with new thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you are able to be reborn, much like the hero on their journey.”

Adams continued to summarize her thoughts. Trying to change past actions and results of past actions will get you nowhere.  You have to completely understand that you have creative powers and by replacing old habits with new habits you influence the direction of your life.  This new direction has intention built into every thought, every action, every belief, and every feeling.  To illustrate the power of conscious, focused thought Adams shared a quote from Og Mandino (1968) author of The Greatest Salesman in the World, “which guide me out of the shadows into the sunlight of wealth, position, and happiness far beyond my most extravagant dreams.”

Adams encourages individuals to stop looking outside of themselves for personal satisfaction and encourages them to reconnect with their heart’s desire. Seeing or hearing a heart’s wish is the first step.  Experiencing the feeling of your heart-wish is the motivation that propels you towards your goal.  Success begins by working backwards from the feeling towards your goal, rather than waiting to experience happiness when you reach the end.  Be prepared to feel fulfilled along your path.

Adams issues a warning to those contemplating the journey of self-discovery. It takes courage to create a meaningful existence.  The rewards are enormous, as are the risks.  Before you begin the process of self-discovery, Adams cautions you this will be a challenging experience.  Do not start if you do not plan to see it through to completion!  It takes a lot of work and a strong commitment on your part.  Finding what will truly make you happy is an enormous undertaking but in the end she says it will be worth all the effort.

Adams found her way by following the same path you are about to embark upon. The most powerful lesson she discovered during this process was that there is a force within us that exceeds our understanding.  Personal power is important to individual achievement and your greatest power is your capacity to choose.

Not wanting the animal communication element to get lost she interjected. “In regards to the animal communication, I believe that our busy lives, supported by ever growing technologies, have caused us to lose our connection to nature.  It is my hope that by demonstrating that animals have thoughts, feelings and intention in their actions that perhaps we, as a species, can reconnect to the natural world.”tammy 14

“As our ancestors understood, we are all connected, and perhaps together we can experience a shift in our collective consciousness. Survival, of our species and the planet, is dependent upon seeing the planet and its inhabitants as a whole rather than by focusing on the individual.   Gandhi once said, “You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals.”

How can this impact the world? Stroumboulopoulos asked.

There is so much unhappiness in the world; wars, stealing, and killing. Imagine a world where every individual was able to clear their subconscious mind of lack, a feeling of unworthiness, jealousy, etc.  Imagine if every individual understood that there was enough for all, that they could create, for themselves the life of their choosing.  If every individual understood the reciprocal Laws of Nature and the Law of Abundance imagine how different the world would be.”

My path is unconventional and yet I have never felt more like myself. It is my hope that by witnessing my courage to do the work and follow my bliss I will encourage others to look within and find their personal power.  I would like people to know that they can change, that the world can change.  Thank you for giving me a voice, for the opportunity to share.  I believe the world is craving a belief in something bigger than ourselves and it is important to understand that this belief lives within each and every one of us.  By connecting with our true self we serve something much bigger than ourselves.  We share the gifts that we were meant to share and by doing so we honour a Higher Power.”

When we were waiting for the show to begin you and I had chatted briefly. You had shared with me that you knew this change was possible.  Will you share this final piece of your story?”  Stroumboulopoulos was almost reflective.

During the MKMMA course I was asked to write my Definite Major Purpose (DMP). This was a document that laser focused my dreams, the design of my future life complete with emotions and feelings.  Specific directions for how I would be living as my future self.  I know that taking the time to clear away the old blueprint and reprogram your thoughts and actions with new habits works because EVERYTHING on my DMP has materialized bigger and faster than I ever thought possible!  My career has exceeded my expectations, relationships are harmonious, travel is amazing, and we are living in our lakefront dream home.  You could say my life is beyond anything I could have imagined and yet it is my imagination that has created it.  You CAN change your life if you are willing to do the work.”

I have to say I was surprised when I heard that Stroumboulopoulos was hosting a show with basically an unknown, and that he had dedicated the entire show to her message. I understand his reason now.  Adams is not here to promote herself.  She is here to encourage others to find their way; to let go of negative feelings, limiting beliefs, and share themselves with the world.   She is merely the small stone tossed into the still pool, initiating ripples that have the potential to compound.

When I spoke with Adams after the interview I asked her if there was a specific message she would like included in my article. Adams replied, “When we see value in ourselves, we can appreciate value in others. We can then see how we are all connected.  When we move away from scarcity and fear we are able to embrace love.  This love allows us to appreciate and respect all around us.”

Adams’ greatest satisfaction comes from making a difference in the world around her, especially in individual lives. She is a creative problem solver and understands the values of differences.  She thrives on assisting others to understand themselves and in helping them to see new and more positive ways of living and working.

hands 15True to her nature, Adams ended our conversation with a challenge. “Carrie Johnson, are you happy with your life choices? When was the last time you sat quietly and asked yourself this question?  If you asked the question did you wait for the answer?”  She winked and flashed a smile as she turned quickly on her heels.  I understood that this is my choice to make.  She didn’t need me to give her an answer.  By leaving as she did the entire choice of change remained in my control.


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  1. Sandra Owen says:

    What a fabulous testimonial to the awesome communicator you are. Thank you Tammy for taking the Hero’s Journey so everyone can benefit from your gifts.


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